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Office hours are meant for students and entrepreneurs to connect with experienced Corporate, Venture, and Social entrepreneurs to learn from and receive guidance in their entrepreneurial education and pursuits. Joining mentors from the Close School, Fortune 500 companies, and local businesses for this unique opportunity!


Here are some tips on how to use all day office hours during Startup Fest…


  1. Schedule to meet with one of our mentors or in house entrepreneurs earlier in the day to talk through a game plan on what you want to accomplish or who you want to connect with during Startup Fest.
  2. Use all day office hours to give you a mid-day calibration on your entrepreneurial objectives. With so much creativity and inspiration happening during the event, it’s nice to fall back to one of our mentors to discuss the day’s events so far, and make sure you stay focused on your entrepreneurial objectives for the rest of the day
  3. Of course, there is always an end of the day recap meeting to review what you learned and accomplished during Startup Fest with one of our mentors, and to plan the next steps to keep your entrepreneurial momentum moving forward toward your goals.

A virtual competition during Startup Fest for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for a $750 cash prize. Either teams or individual participants re welcome and the pitches will be streamed live for viewers during Startup Fest.

To register for the competition go here

Love TikTok videos? Come watch the TikTok styled pitch competition during Startup Fest! We’ll be showing all the submitted videos and have fan voting to decide the winner. A cash prize of $750 will be awarded to the best idea pitched.

To register for the competition go here

Join us for daily panels during Startup Fest on relevant entrepreneurship, social, and business-related topics like:

  • Perseverance in the age of COVID-19
  • Making a difference today through Social Entrepreneurship
  • The future of Entrepreneurship and Business

What’s ahead for entrepreneurs and what exciting new ideas and technologies are the big opportunities for the coming years? What are entrepreneurs doing today to help those in need? These are just a few of the questions we aspire to answer at Startup Fest.

Learn from Close School professors, local entrepreneurs, and our speakers about relevant and timely topics in entrepreneurship.

Daily fun activities that will get you into the entrepreneurial mindset and have you working on solving real and current world problems. Each day will bring a new activity, challenge, and learning experience with a potential to win $250. Join in on the fun!

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